Care Package Gift Sets - 13 colors available

$39 $91

A gift set that shows you care. This is the bundle with all the bells and whistles for your loved ones, neighbors, teachers and co-workers. Your favorite mask is now available in a perfect gift set for the holidays. 

Set includes:

1 mask, 1 mask lanyard, 10 PM 2.5 filters and 1 solid brass door opener keychain.

Mask details:

  • 1 Dual layer 100% 8oz cotton mask.
  • 9.5in wide x 6.5in tall.
  • Filter pocket on the bottom seam.
  • Adjustable nose piece for better fit.
  • Toggle system for a custom fit behind ears or on the back of the head. 
  • Machine washable and gentle cycle in the dryer.
  • Made in Los Angeles.
  • Ships in 3 business days.

We matched the lanyard color for you already, here how they will be shipped:

Black mask with black lanyard

Graphite mask with black lanyard

Navy mask with navy lanyard

Herringbone mask with navy lanyard

Olive mask with olive lanyard

Peach mask with navy lanyard

Burgundy mask with navy lanyard

Ocean mask with navy lanyard

Gold mask with navy lanyard

Army camo mask with olive lanyard

Black bamboo mask with olive lanyard

Sunset mask with olive lanyard

Green bamboo mask with olive lanyard

How to use it:

Wash your mask. Find the top of the mask by locating the bendable nose piece on the mask. Put it on and adjust it to cover from the bridge of your nose to your chin. Adjust the elastics so they mask sits flat on your face, finally adjust the nose piece snugly on your face to avoid gaps, adjust elastics tightness with ear toggles.

How to convert it to behind the head?

Remove the toggles and connect the top elastics ends with one toggle and the bottom elastic ends with the other toggle

Mask washing instructions: Machine wash in warm water and dry in gentle cycle

**For the safety of our customers and staff, masks and filters cannot be returned or exchanged**

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