Never Lose Your Hand Sanitizer Again

After a difficult past year, spring is here, and getaways and gatherings are in the air! While you enjoy them, CASUPO wants you to stay safe and healthy; and that means continuing to follow COVID-19 best practices, like wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.

But not to dread: CASUPO’s hand sanitizer bottle holder keeps your sanitizer by your side, so you can enjoy the new year without stressing about maintaining good hand hygiene. 

Why continue using hand sanitizer?

You’ve probably become accustomed to using hand sanitizer often, and understandably so: According to a study hosted by The National Center For Biotechnology Information, hand sanitizer is as effective as liquid soap at reducing bacterial contamination on your hands. And even though it may have seemed more imperative before the vaccine rollout, practicing good hand hygiene isn’t something you should let slip in 2021, as the CDC guidelines for vaccinated people recommend that you continue to wear masks and keep clean hands. 

Black leather hand sanitizer bottle holder

Plan To Travel This Year? Keep Your Hand Sanitizer Close.

Good hand hygiene is especially important if you plan to travel. The CDC recommends that all travelers use best practices when travelling, both domestically and internationally. These include continuing to wear a face mask and practicing good hand hygiene.

And because the “burden of COVID-19 varies globally,” if you plan to travel internationally, you should be aware of the COVID-19 situation in your destination. Keeping your hand sanitizer within reach is an easy way to make sure that you stay safe and healthy while enjoying your getaway.         

CASUPO has you covered! Check out the features of our hand sanitizer bottle holder:

  • Vegetable tanned leather. Like all of our leathers, our sanitizer bottle holder is tanned using a non-toxic process with a natural vegetable dye. Feel good about helping reduce your environmental impact while never having to wonder what happened to your sanitizer again. And remember, you can always refill your sanitizer bottle to reduce plastic waste.  
  • One-of-one style. There isn’t a more fashionable way to make sure you don’t lose your sanitizer. CASUPO makes sanitizer holders in 3 variations of naturally-tanned, full-grain leather. 
  • Brass key ring and hook. Attach your bottle holder to any part of your wardrobe, whether it’s easiest to wear on your belt, bag or keys.  

  • So, don’t stop now: keep practicing good hand hygiene, even after you’ve been vaccinated. Here’s to a fulfilling, safe and healthy 2021.

    Leather bottle holster

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