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Article: Return to Work Safely -- and in Style!

Return to Work Safely -- and in Style!

Return to Work Safely -- and in Style!

The past has been difficult for many of us. Among other things, the ways that we work, attend school, and visit friends have changed significantly. So have the essential that we carry daily, with face masks becoming must-haves for going out.

But spring is here, and the recent good turn in pandemic news feels like a renewal. Still, while we are excited to return to the workplace or resume day-to-day travels, continuing to practice safe and healthy habits will be important. Below you’ll find a quick list of items that will get you prepared. 

5 essentials for a safe and healthy return to work

Of course, you should continue to wear your mask in public, and these additional products can make it easier and more comfortable.

  1. The mask. Your mask will still be your most important tool for staying safe, so make the next one you buy the last one you’ll need. CASUPO’s signature face masks feature an adjustable nose piece and ear straps, so you can customize their fit to your liking; and they are durable, reversible, and washable, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them.
  2. Mask lanyard. We know you’re tired of losing or misplacing your mask. Our mask lanyards are made with 7 strand woven paracord, so you’ll be comfortable while keeping your mask hanging in a safe place.  
  3. Mask chain. Tired of losing your mask but looking for something with a little more flair than our lanyards? Check out our gold plated mask chains and keep track of your mask in style. 
  4. Mask converter kit. If a long day of mask wearing irritates your ears, our mask converter kit is the solution. Use it to quickly and easily convert your mask to a behind the head style.
  5. Cord keeper. Not mask related, but still essential! If you’ve worked from home for a while, you might have forgotten how annoying tangled cords can be. Our cord keeper will ensure that when you search your bag for headphones during your morning commute, you don’t come out with a jumbled mess.

Thank goodness that things are looking up! Here’s to everyone staying safe and healthy as we prepare to return to work or school. And don’t forget to keep up with best practices, like wearing your mask.

Have questions about these products or anything else? Don’t hesitate to reach out or visit us here.

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