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Article: Hang on to Your Mask, Even After Being Vaccinated.

Hang on to Your Mask, Even After Being Vaccinated.
Face Masks

Hang on to Your Mask, Even After Being Vaccinated.

If you’ve been vaccinated against COVD-19, you’re probably relieved. The past year was full of uncertainties, and the effectiveness of COVD-19 vaccines is a breath of fresh air: Vaccinated people are at a very low risk of getting sick from COVID and at an even lower risk of serious complications.    

And you should enjoy getting out and about again! Don’t throw away your face mask just yet, though. According to the CDC, even after you are vaccinated, you should continue wearing a mask in certain situations. 

Large Social Gatherings.

If you plan on attending a large gathering, even if it’s outdoors, you should continue wearing a mask. And the CDC still recommends that hosts of large gatherings “require that staff and attendees wear well-fitting masks,” so masking up may be compulsory. 

Even household gatherings where you’re visiting a person who isn’t vaccinated or who is at serious risk from COVID-19 will still require a mask. Put simply, in order to protect yourself and others, you should still wear a mask when around a lot of people, around people at serious risk, or around people whose vaccination status you don’t know. 

Travel After Vaccination.

You’re probably looking forward to some travel after a year of staying home; and the good news is, many travel restrictions have been lifted for vaccinated people. You’ll still want to have your mask, though, whether you’re traveling internationally or within the country:

  • International Travel. Because the COVD-19 situation is different around the world, you’ll want to keep yourself and others safe and healthy by continuing to mask up. The CDC still ranks the COVD-19 risk in over 100 countries as very high.
  • Within the Country. No matter where you’re traveling within the country, if you plan to take any form of public transportation, you’ll still be required to wear a mask. 
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    CASUPO Masks Are Still a Wise Investment.

    Our masks are durable, washable, and accessorized to make wearing them comfortable and keeping them on hand easy. You’ll need a mask for the foreseeable future even after you’re vaccinated, and CASUPO masks are made to be the last one you’ll have to buy. 

    We’ve made huge strides in fighting COVD-19, especially since the vaccine rollout began earlier this year. But it’s important that we don’t let up yet! CASUPO wants you to keep staying safe and healthy, and that means continuing to mask up. 

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