Never Misplace Your Mask Again

You’ve definitely done it. As face masks became an everyday feature of our lives this past year, we’ve all learned how frustrating it is to lose or misplace them: You realize that you’ve left your mask in the car while you’re almost inside the grocery store, or find it crumpled and dirty at the bottom of your bag.  

CASUPO’s mask accessories are made to solve that problem -- and they’re a stylish accent to your outfit as well. 

  • Mask Chain. It’s difficult to misplace your mask when it’s hanging at the ready around your neck! Our mask chains feature plated gold chains and brass clasps, are easy to attach to any mask, and come in 4 sleek designs. Keep track of your mask while making a fashion statement to boot.Mask Chain
  • Mask Lanyard. These mask lanyards are made in the USA from 7 stand woven paracord, so they’re comfy and adjustable. If you’re tired of stuffing your mask in your pocket or leaving it on a dirty surface, give it a splash of color while keeping it safely in place.Mask lanyard for work
  • Touchless Door Opener Tool. While it doesn’t attach to your mask, our door opener tool is nevertheless a mask accessory; how many times have you touched a shared surface like a door handle and then worried about adjusting your mask, for instance? This tool removes that worry, and it’s made from inherently antimicrobial brass alloy. Door opened key chain

We think the fit and protection of your mask should also be customizable. Check out these accessories if you want extra options for your mask: 

  • Mask Filters. These mask filters are made from five layers of material to provide you with even more security when wearing your mask. Simply slip this filter into the custom center pocket of every CASUPO mask for an extra bit of protection. Mask Filter
  • Long Elastic Converter. Is wearing your mask behind your head more comfortable? Our elastic strap converters easily convert your mask, so that you can relieve some pressure behind your ears during long periods of wear. Elastic mask converter

Face masks are the newest example of the classic keyring conundrum: You need to have them with you almost everywhere, but they’re easy to misplace or lose. And even though things are looking up this spring, you’ll still need your mask for a while to come. Let CASUPO’s mask accessories relieve some mental overhead and make staying safe and healthy less stressful.

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