Never Pull Out a Tangled Mess of Cords Again

We know the feeling of reaching into your bag for headphone cords and coming out with a jumbled mess. We’d done it one too many times; so we decided to put our leather making expertise to the task, and created our signature cord keeper. If this scenario sounds like you, read on for the solution!

Little Tool, Big Upgrade: What Our Cord Keeper Can Do For You.  


Cord Holder

Who knew such a small accessory could do so much? Check out these 4 ways our cord keeper can make life a little better:

  • Save You Time. You probably know the feeling: It’s your morning commute, you’re running behind, and you need to find that one specific thing in your bag. If you’re like us, digging through a jumble of cords can be super frustrating. Our cord keeper solves that problem; and you’ll be surprised at how much less stressful it can make your mornings.  
  • Keep You Organized. Has your bag become a jungle of cords and devices? Reaching for a specific cord and pulling out the wrong one -- or a mess of the wrong ones! -- is annoying, and a waste of time. Make sure that your cords are in order and readily at hand when you need them, so that you never pull out your headphones when you need something else.
  • Save You Money. Our cord keeper is made so that you never have to buy another one: It’s handcrafted from sustainable, high-grain leather, so it’ll last years without falling apart. 
  • Accent Your Bag. It’s from CASUPO, so it’s made to look good. Like everything we make, our cord keeper is high-grain leather, so it wears to a beautiful patina over time, and has unique patterns and markings. Stay fashionable in even the littlest way! 

Above all else, you can be assured that your CASUPO cord keeper is eco-friendly and sustainable. All of our leather products are handmade, tanned with natural dyes, and crafted with sustainable and repurposed leathers. And CASUPO donates a percentage of each sale to FUNDANICA, a nonprofit that provides healthcare to children in Venezuela, so you can feel good about helping to care for the Earth and its people

Here’s to you and yours staying safe and healthy this spring. Have other ideas about how to style our products, or questions? Check out our Instagram or feel free to get in touch.  

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