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Our Impact

Our Community

Caring for the earth and its people is of utmost importance to founder, Luz Zambrano, so CASUPO doesn’t stop with responsible leathers. We donate a portion of our profits to FUNDANICA, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to a children's hospital in Venezuela, where the CASUPO mountain range lives and where Luz spent weekends hiking as a kid. 

Fundanica is a non-profit with a big heart. Founded by a doctor and a group of parents whose children went through cancer treatment, Fundanica is intent on helping kids and teenagers improve their lives as they fight against cancer. Fundanica aims to raise public awareness about the fight against cancer and help integrate patients into society so that they may live their best lives no matter what.

 Our Environment

Ecologically conscious production
Our products are designed to create the least amount of waste by creating design lines that complement each other and fit in a puzzle-like pattern.

Landfills are unsustainable. So much of what America throws in the trash will take 500 years to decompose. By rescuing leathers that would otherwise be thrown out, we are reducing the amount of waste that would normally go straight to the landfill. We intend to find every discarded leather and transform them all before they get there.

We help tanneries and factories lessen their environmental impact by breathing life into leathers they’ve deemed unusable. We also work with many tanneries who use natural dyes, creating healthier workplaces for employees.

Biodegradable Materials
We use non-toxic dyes made from natural sources like vegetables. This puts fewer toxins on your body and into the environment. These dyes make our products unique and completely biodegradable.

We use minimal and reusable packaging to reduce waste all the way to the
end consumer.

Localized production for Low-carbon footprint
All CASUPO products are handmade in Los Angeles. With the exception of our backpacks, which are handmade at a facility specializing in premium leather bags in Leon, Mexico.

Leather cutting in Los Angeles