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The Casupo Mission

 CASUPO creates elegant yet durable goods with a conscious effort to reduce toxins and waste. 

CASUPO believes fashion can be gorgeous and good for you. 

CASUPO knows companies must take responsibility for their footprint, their impact, their presence on the planet. 

CASUPO is committed to sustainability, only using responsible or reimagined leather. 

CASUPO is intent on giving back. A part of every single purchase goes out to Fundanica, an organization at the base of the Casupo mountain range that helps kids with cancer get treatments they need. 

CASUPO always makes the conscious choice, even if it means walking the harder path. 

CASUPO strives to be intentional with every step from manufacturing to banning plastics in packaging. 

CASUPO wants you to feel strong yet sophisticated as you step out with the most durable yet elegant products on offer. 

CASUPO cares about the future of the earth and of the earth’s children, putting only good into the world as best we can. 

CASUPO was inspired by the Casupo mountains in Venezuela, where the air is sweet and the world far below looks happy and healthy.

About The Brand

CASUPO creates one of the most environmentally conscious and durable leather goods in the USA. 

We rescue leathers from the past and give them a new life to lessen the amount of waste in the world. We also source sustainable leathers from gold rated tanneries to provide a product that is dyed using natural dyes which gives you a less toxic and more durable product.  

A portion of the profits is donated to FUNDANICA, a non profit organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to a children's hospital in Venezuela, where the CASUPO mountain range lives and where Casupo founder, Luz, spent weekends hiking as a kid. 

Together we can reduce the impact on the environment and increase our impact on the next generation.

Based in Long Beach, California.

About The Founder

Luz was born near the Casupo mountain range in Valencia, Venezuela, where she used to hike up to the top and drink fresh-squeezed juice from oranges plucked right there. It was on Casupo she learned the power of nature and began to feel a responsibility to take good care of it. 

While working for 15 years designing shoes for brands like New Balance and Fila, Luz  visited tanneries and factories all over the world, sourcing and selecting leathers. She collected swatches and samples from her travels, and that’s what inspired her to start her own leather brand. As she became more conscious of her day-to-day consumption, she realized small changes could mean big progress. She wanted to make it easy for her customers to make a difference, so she began to weave sustainability into her business. Thus, Casupo and its responsible leathers were born. 

Luz is intent on giving back and running a company that makes her proud. She lives in Long Beach, CA where she continues to connect with nature by surfing, running, and biking. She still sends her heart to the Casupo mountain range by contributing faithfully to Fundanica, an organization at the base of the mountains that helps kids and means so much to Luz. 

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