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CASUPO is a reliable, sustainable and transparent full service design, development and manufacturing studio helping brands produce leather goods in USA and Mexico. 

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Are you looking for an experienced manufacturer for your collection of leather goods? 

We have been making leather goods in our factory for 20 years and we offer production and development services for other brands and corporations. Whether for corporate gifts or a small production batch to start you leather brand, we got you!

We have produced products for corporations such as Ticketmaster, Boeing and other leather brands which we don't disclose for confidentiality reasons. 

What type of products can be produced?

We can make any type of leather products, wallets, money clips, bags, luggage tags, trays, keychains, journal covers etc. 

We don't make gloves or apparel and we don't source custom hardware for orders lower that 1000 units. 

Where is the factory?

We currently produce in Los Angeles and Leon Mexico. You can even take a tour of the factory in Los Angeles here:

Are the designs kept confidential?

Yes, we protect the intellectual property of each client and we don't share your designs with anyone outside of the factory. If you want to have a NDA agreement, please fill out and sign our agreement here. Email your signed copy to

What it the sample turn around time?

We make samples within 3 to 4 weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity for production orders?

Depending on the leather type, size of item, our minimum order requirement is 100 units split among 2 colors per style. 

Can the product have a custom logo?

Yes! We produce your own logo emboss mold so your brand stands out and your product looks just like you imagine it.

Leather factory in Los Angeles

What type of design file is accepted?

We require PDF files with your design, dimensions, stitch color, lining color and material details. We'll also need your logo file in a .PNG format. The more details the better.

What if I don't have a design file?

We understand how important is to get your idea across and we also value your time so if design is not your strength we can help you with that. We offer full design service packages too, we can create your own custom design file based on the information and design you send us.

Design services also include a production ready detailed design packets with all the details necessary to request a sample at any factory. A professional tech pack will give you an accurate sample and consistent production. Contact Luz at with your design service inquires. 

You don't have to produce with us to get our design services, if we are not making it, we can help you find someone who can make it for you too. See sourcing services for more details.

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Who sources the material?

We use your materials as long as they are the right one for the project, if you prefer for us to handle the material sourcing, we will source the materials and send swatches to you for approval before sampling. We have an extensive selection of leathers to choose from. 

What is the cost to sample a design?

On average a wallet or small leather prototype costs $200, this price includes the available materials and the pattern making process. If you want the logo to be included in the sample the logo die will need to be made for an additional $150, this logo die is a one time fee and will be used for all future production. 

Sampling fees vary depending on the complexity of the design. Contact us for a custom quote:

What is the cost for production?

Our production cost will be provided once the first sample is made and confirmed for production. The price is very specific to each design so a custom quote is the best way to offer competitive prices.

Other Services provided in the Casupo Studio:

  • Digitizing sketches or drawings into Illustrator and PDF.
  • Production Ready Design Pack Files:  Illustrator and PDF format.
  • Digitize logo files or updating logo files into vector files.
  • Design consulting: Let's discuss your design with development and production experts to make sure it's ready to be mass produced with industrial equipment. 
  • Sourcing services: If we can't make it for you we can find a factory for you. Use our sourcing services to connect with factories that specialize in what you need to make. We've been in the industry for 20 years and have developed great relationships with our network of leather vendors and makers.


How do I start?

Send us an email at with your questions and design and we will be happy to give you guidance and the best way to get you started!

To expedite your request please include:

-Design with dimensions and materials

-How many units you are looking to make

-How many colors if it's more than one

-When do you need them by

-Target price of finished good or target retail price. 

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