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Article: The Definitive Leather Wallet Guide

The Definitive Leather Wallet Guide

The Definitive Leather Wallet Guide

Your wallet is probably the piece of your wardrobe that you interact with most regularly, and it holds some of your most essential items, so it's worth your time to find a perfect fit. Wallet shopping can be daunting, though, because wallets in general -- and leather wallets specifically -- come in so many variations of design and material, among other things. 

Let us help. Below is a list of considerations taken from our accessible comparison chart to guide your next leather wallet purchase: 

  • Carrying Capacity. By which we mean, “how many cards and bills can this wallet type carry?” Leather wallets come in a range of carrying capacities, from minimalist designs that hold only folded bills and the most essential cards to much more spacious ones. Wallet comparison
  • Organizational Design. The “how” instead of the “what” a wallet carries. A wallet may have just one or two pockets, for example, or may have many. If it’s important that you keep different kinds of cards organized separately, you may want to consider a wallet with various pockets. Or, if you’re tired of searching pockets for what you need, a sleek money clip design may be best.  
  • Overall Size And Fit. Since your wallet is nearly always with you, you’ll want to consider it’s size and where it will fit. Some types of wallets fit comfortably in a front pants pocket, for instance, while larger types like travel wallets require more space. 
  • Material. Leathers range widely in quality, from top of the line full-grains to low-grade bonded mixtures of leather scraps and other material. If you care about the durability and aesthetic qualities of your leather, choosing a higher quality material is a must. Full-grain leathers, for example, have color and grain variations or unique markings that lower quality leathers don’t. Black leather wallet, front pocket wallet
  • Production Principles. Leather production can have negative ecological impacts, so if sustainability is something you value, you’ll want to choose a wallet that is produced responsibly. Principles of ecologically conscious production to look for include the use of sustainable, repurposed leathers, a by-hand tanning process using non-toxic dye, and minimalist packaging.   
  • A new wallet is an important investment. Hopefully this guide has helped simply the process of choosing your next leather wallet by outlining a few basic concerns. Looking for further guidance, or have questions about any products mentioned above? Visit our FAQ for help, or browse our wallet catalog here.   

    Blue leather money clip wallet


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