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Article: Learn To Live Sustainably, Now

Learn To Live Sustainably, Now

Sustainability might seem like a marketing buzzword, but we should take it seriously: The United Nations estimates that we have 12 years to “limit a climate change catastrophe” that will negatively impact the lives of “hundreds of millions of people.

While sustainability is important to CASUPO, we recognize that a wide-ranging effort is needed to preserve the environment for our future generations. So, beyond supporting a sustainable brand, what individual changes can all of us make to live sustainably? We’ve compiled a quick guide using trusted sources to help.

What Does It Mean To Live Sustainably?

Put simply, sustainability is the idea that how we treat the environment today will affect how our children and grandchildren live. Sustainability as a concept can be widely applied, and might describe anything from how a business sources it’s production to how a government addresses climate law. 

For you and me, though, living sustainably mostly means being conscious of everyday resource use, from the water we use while washing dishes to the kind of food we eat. And while it can be confusing to determine if something is sustainable, the 4 tips below will get you started.

4 Ways To Start Living Sustainably:

  • Reduce Waste. According to UNICEF, reducing everyday waste “is one of the most important things we can do for the environment.” You might be surprised at how much waste a single person generates in an average day! Reduce waste by eliminating any single-use plastics in the home and buying products that use minimal packaging. 
  • Use Eco-Friendly Products. As awareness of climate change grows, more and more companies have become committed to sustainability; learn which ones they are, and support them! Buy clothes from companies that use sustainably sourced materials, or food from companies that practice sustainable farming.  
  • Conserve Water And Energy. An easy tip you can follow multiple times a day. The classic example is not leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, but using energy efficient lighting and heating products helps as well.
  • Embrace Reusability. Just lately, how many times have you seen discarded single-use face masks? This is a timely example, but reusability really applies to almost all our consumption: Use refillable water bottles and reusable grocery sacks, to name a few ways.
Let’s all make an effort to preserve the future of the planet by living sustainably now. Read more about how CASUPO is dedicated to sustainability here, or let us know what other tips you have to practice sustainably everyday.

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