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Article: Summer Essentials for Her

Summer Essentials for Her

Summer Essentials for Her

Spring is the time for new beginnings, and thank goodness that an often difficult 2020 is behind us. Hopefully (remember to stay safe and healthy!), we can look forward to getting out and about again this upcoming summer.

While there is still time, make sure you prep for the season. Here is a quick list of brands that have all your summer essentials covered. 

  • Gopi Shah Ceramics ( Done with spring cleaning and ready to revitalize your space with a new look? Gopi Shah Ceramics is located in Long Beach and makes artful and unique pieces for every room of the home. Founder Gopi Shah is something of a prodigy who started making ceramics at 14 and has studied at the Museum of Fine Arts. Her work features a combination of influences from her childhood and ancient Mesoamerican traditions.

  • Gopi Shah makes a variety of ceramics, but the coolest might be these vases, which are partly inspired by religious and funerary figurines. Pick up one to set off your living room or office. 

  • Wyeth ( Based in California, Wyeth is a hat label created by the husband and wife team of Micahel Hagen and Hedda Staines. Wyeth is a brand that embodies summer: Their sun hats and ball caps are inspired by the easygoing, Southern California way of life.

  • A go-to hat is almost a necessity in the summer, and Wyeth’s line of handmade caps are a super stylish fit. Plus, all of Wyeth’s pieces are naturally and locally made, and use materials like 100% raffi straw and Australian wool felt. 

  • All Great Women ( If empowering women is important to you, there isn’t a better brand to support: All Great Women’s mission is to inspire women to recognize their greatness. They are based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and they make carefully crafted rings, necklaces and earrings.

  • Excited to go out again this summer and looking for a piece to set off your look? Check out All Great Women’s line of sleek necklaces. Each one is made to order from gorgeous materials like yellow gold. 

    Here’s to a safe and healthy summer! The season promises a return to adventure and fun with friends.

    Have suggestions about summer essentials you make sure to have every year, or questions about any of these products? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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