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Article: Your Perfect Bag: Fanny Pack or Backpack.

Your Perfect Bag: Fanny Pack or Backpack.
Fanny Pack

Your Perfect Bag: Fanny Pack or Backpack.

It has a place among the age-old questions: Nature or nurture, mind or matter, fanny pack or backpack. Luckily, you don’t need a philosopher to solve this conundrum, because CASUPO is here to help with this quick guide. Choosing a fanny pack or a backpack is mostly a question of convenience, organizational needs, and personal style. 

The Fanny Pack.

A fanny pack has less organizational room than a backpack, but it’s more convenient and stylish. Why choose a fanny pack?: 

  • Convenience. A fanny pack is perfect if you’re on the go and only want to carry your essentials. Ours will hold your wallet, phone, and other must haves without bogging you down with the bulk of a full-sized bag. 
  • Versatility. Our fanny pack is made to wear however you like: Style it conventionally, on your hip, or throw it over your shoulder or across your back. Plus, the strap disconnects, so you can carry it as a cute clutch on a night out or at brunch. Fanny Pack leather

The Backpack.

Backpacks are bulkier than smaller bags, but they’re organizational powerhouses. Why choose a backpack?:

  • Organization. A backpack is the choice if you have important, larger items you need on hand. Our backpack has 4 internal pockets, 2 quick-access zip pockets, a laptop slip pocket and a pocket for documents -- perfect for bringing everything you’ll need on your commute, or for light travel. 
  • Comfort. If you’re planning for a long day with lots of walking, a backpack makes sense. CASUPO’s backpacks have adjustable, padded back straps, so you won’t get tired of toting your stuff around. If you think a pack on your hip might get tiresome by the end of the day, go with a backpack. Leather Backpack
  • Why Choose? 

    Having the option of either a backpack or fanny pack makes your look adaptable, so consider investing in both: Wear your backpack on the morning commute and switch to a fanny for drinks with friends after work. 

    Ready for your next go-to bag? Check out CASUPO’s fannys and backpacks. All of our products are handmade with high-grain leather, so they’re durable and uniquely beautiful; and we use only sustainable or e repurposed leathers that are naturally tanned, so you can feel good about being stylish and eco-friendly. 

    If you have questions about which bag is right for you or tips about how to style our bags, don’t hesitate to reach out! Here’s to staying safe and healthy this spring.

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    Black leather backpack

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